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Remote Readings
Do you have questions about life, love, work, family or any other aspect of being human? Get a remote reading to gain new perspective and guidance. In the "note to seller" portion of your order, please include a detailed, open-ended question, or simply an area of life that you would like guidance in at the time of payment. Within 48 hours you will receive a photo of your reading along with a description of the meaning of each card and my personal interpretation of the cards and their placement.
$15 for a 3-card reading (past/ present/ future, no question needed)
$30 for a 10-card reading (Celtic Cross spread, please include question with payment)

Client Testimonial:
I asked a very general question about money and my career. The answer and reading Gretchen responded with was so clear and insightful and got the the heart of the matter. My hesitation has been deeper than money it has been about losing a connection. The reading also helped me see that there will be loss but the greater loss is being paralyzed with indecision. I've had readings of other sorts before but never has one actually pushed me into action and motivated me like this one. Her accuracy and specificity in response to such a general question was surprising and made me want more. I highly recommend.
-Casey, Philadelphia, PA
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